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Are Flexible Partial Dentures Better Than Traditional Partial Dentures

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For patients missing just a few teeth, a complete set of dentures isn’t the appropriate option. Instead, you’ll want to rely on a professional for partial dentures in Fort Payne. Yes, partial dentures are both the most effective and the most affordable choice.

That said, you can make another choice within partial dentures, too, between partial and traditional ones. So, which is the better option of the two? Partial dentures, and we’ll tell you just why.

Natural Look

The design of flexible dentures takes into consideration the color, shape, and fit. For this reason, you can expect them to have an entirely natural appearance. They do not have metal clasps allowing the dentures to blend in with your gums and teeth flawlessly.

More Comfort

partial dentures in Fort Payne

Flexible partials have a custom design per each person’s unique anatomy. So without a doubt, this makes it one of the most comfortable denture options out there. Besides, they tend to be very lightweight, so it doesn’t take long to get used to them.


Flexible partial dentures should be the go-to option for those who are allergic to metal. They have no metal in them whatsoever. Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable with metal in your mouth, these are the dentures for you.

Less Preparation

Since flexible partial dentures use plastic material, they require minimal preparation on the patient’s end. Their material has the following benefits:

●    Shortened chair time

●    Eliminates the necessity for invasive procedures

●    Decreased design time

●    Fewer chances of construction mishaps


Since flexible dentures are plastic, you may not think this, but they are exceptionally durable and tough. They can withstand chemical decay to boot.

Final Thoughts

Flexible partial dentures are superior to the traditional ones in several ways. However, the primary benefit of these dentures is they don’t use uncomfortable metal. So if you would rather not have metal in your mouth, consider these flexible partials.