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Repairing Drywall – Dos & Don’ts

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Drywall is a challenging situation, but it is not impossible. Thanks to professional services, drywall repair has become so much easier. However, if you’re taking up the task of drywall repair to yourself, there are dos and don’ts you should follow.

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Do Bring Neatness in Work

As with any home improvement job, neatness is also a must with drywall repairs. You can use a sharp blade or a box cutter to cut through mesh tape. Use this tape around holes and cracks before putting the joint compound. This step ensures a blemish-free and smooth finish.

Don’t Cut the Cords

You must be safe and not cut the cords and plumbing lines inside the drywall. You can use a flashlight to spot what’s behind the holes. If you have to enlarge the holes, do not go beyond an inch. For this reason, you can seek professional help while performing drywall repairs.

Do Utilize Protective Equipment

If you ingest the fine particulates from the drywall compound, it could lead to severe lung injury. Make sure to use a dust mask and gloves when performing drywall repair. The disposable gloves will protect your hands from the dehydrating effect of gypsum dust.

Don’t Forget To Inspect

Are you thinking that your job is over after fixing everything? Not so fast! You have to run your hands over the repaired area to ensure smoothness. Use your temple against the wall to check for humps that require sanding. After this is over, you can paint and prime the area.

Wrapping It Up

And these were some of the things you need to follow and avoid while performing drywall repair. Best of luck!